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Usage of pvc water hose/garden hose

It seems simple to buy the water hose used to water the greenhouse, but there are also issues that need attention. Orientflex pvc garden hose has great advantage for gardening and watering, when watering vegetable or gardening, about the issues that need attention. The vegetable growers must first pay attention to the production of raw materials when they choose the water hoses. The main raw materials used by vegetable growers are polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. The hose produced from polyethylene is white, characterized by its light weight, good flexibility, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, high tensile strength, and use time of up to 10 years. Widely used, but poor pressure resistance. Therefore, vegetable growers should choose to use a diagonally-tapered hose when choosing a hose made of polyethylene. Because the diagonal tape on the hose is equivalent to a stiffener, it has better resistance to pressure and tensile than the smooth water hose on both sides. Longer service life. The hoses produced by PVC together with high-strength polyester yarns have strong pressure resistance, good flexibility, bright colors, smooth coatings, and high resistance to high pressure and aging. Second, when working with hoses, pay attention to the pressure at work. In general, when the vegetable farmer floods the area, the working pressure of the water zone is relatively small, and the water zone made of polyethylene can be used. With sprinkler irrigation, because of the high working pressure of the hose, it is best for growers to use a hose made of polyvinyl chloride and high-strength polyester yarn. once again. When choosing the water zone, vegetable farmers should also pay attention to distinguish whether the water zone is produced from raw materials or recycled materials. In general, raw materials produced by the water belt is more flexible and has a longer service life. The hoses produced from recycled materials are relatively hard and brittle and are easily damaged during use. Finally, Manager Wang introduced an experience: a roll of water with a weight of 20 pounds, a diameter of 16 centimeters, a thickness of 0.4 millimeters, and a length of about 80 meters; a roll of the same weight, the same thickness, a diameter of 14 centimeters The length of the hose is generally about 90 meters, which means that the quality is better.

Orientflex PVC garden hose has the characteristics of:
High tensile polyester yarn spiral;
Beautiful color board packaging; 
Prayer and connector are available;
100% virgin material, non-toxic, non smell;
Non-kink, super flexible under -20°C;
Customized colors.
Working temperature:-5°C~65°C

It meets most of the customers demand, you can take it as a choice or tips.

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